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 HmyRO...No Donation....Come Join....

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PostSubject: HmyRO...No Donation....Come Join....   Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:21 pm


HmyRO PvP dedicated server specifications

Base exp/Job exp/Drop rate : 10000/10000/Custom
Max lvl : 99/70
Max stat : 99 Highest Job: Trans Job, no

Main Town: Gonryun, @go 11

@ Commands: @go, @load, @storage, @warp (Certain maps do not allow the usage of @warp), @alootid, @autoloot, @die, @ii (Item Info), @mobsearch, @whodrops.

Custom NPC:
-Healer and Buffer (Agi and Bless)
-Warper, PVP Room (2 pvp rooms)
-MVP room
-Miniboss room
-Job changer
-Platinum skill NPC
-Rental NPC
-Repair NPC
-Endless Tower warper
-Alice NPC (Cleaner)
-Card Remover NPC (Wise old woman)
-Skill/Stat Reseter

Host PC Specifications:
Intel i7 920
Internet Speed 2MBS
Ge Force GTX295
6GB DDR3 eAthena SVN version: 14144:79

Host Location: Malaysia (GMT +0800)

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HmyRO...No Donation....Come Join....
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